A multi-talented and accomplished Artist, Bassist, Composer, Technician and Photographer. Somewhere amongst the sunny skies and palm trees in South Florida you will find a young photographer, Bruce Eno, looking for that perfect shot and achieving it, whether its for Models and their portfolios or for the Classic Car enthusiast. Bruce Eno has over 41 years of experience in shooting and processing film, and today his services include “digital” format. He has a fully portable studio that can go on “location” or you can use his”home studio” for a more relaxed atmosphere. Also available is his talented wife, Melinda, who is a certified Make-Up artist. Between these two you will have what you have only dreamed off. Professional quality images that utilize your surroundings to get that one of a kind artistic shot!

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Office: 617.513.5761
Studio location: Boca Raton, FL. 33434